Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cannoli in Crockett??

Absolutely! Where else but Crockett, Texas can you get handmade, fresh cannoli delivered right to your office? Gossett Street Coffee House owner Jenni Bruce-Wichers has moved her shop and it's now located inside KB Xpress (that's the one that has Taco Bell/KFC on one side and the convenience store on the other). They're located on the east side of Crockett at the intersection of Loop 304 and Hwy. 21.

Back to the cannoli. They are as my wife says, "to die for!" Special delivery was made directly to our office by Ashley Millican, and boy howdy, are they good! Delicious flaky crust, yummy filling with little chocolate chips mixed in, you got to try them! Not sure the delivery part is the norm, but I do know you can find them at her shop, if you hurry. As tasty as her cannolis are, I know it won't be long before you will wish you called ahead and asked her to hold some because they will definitely go fast. Thanks Jenni, you are another reason I Love Crockett, Texas!!

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