Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mask for Mayor!

The campaign season is on us once again in the City of Crockett. We only have one contested race this election cycle-you guessed it, the Mayor's race. I have an opponent in this election, John Jenkins. You may remember Mr. Jenkins. He signed up to run for County Judge against Lonnie Hunt, but I believe failed to get the necessary signatures on his petition to put his name on the ballot.

The Charter of the City of Crockett in Section 3.02 outlines specific qualifications that a City Council member must meet. One of the requirements in the Charter is the residency requirement. Our City charter states that a Councilmember "shall have resided in the City for at least three years preceding his election." After some research, I discovered that Mr. Jenkins actually voted in the November 2008 general election, while a resident of Porter Springs. Therefore he has not lived in the City for the three year requirement. Unfortunately, the resident requirement outlined in our City Charter was made void by State Law, which states that the resident requirement for any city, including Home Rule cities like Crockett, can only be 12 months.

Mr. Jenkins claims his residency is at 809 South 4th Street in Crockett, the former location of Husky Trailer, now the location of Husky Trading Post, his business. After some research, I discovered there is no City water hooked up to that location nor is there City trash pick up at this location.

The only other item I wish to mention about my opponent is that on no less than three occasions over the last nearly twelve years, I have had to kick him out of a City Council meeting for disruptive behavior.

I tell you all of this because I am passionate about Crockett, and to seeing our citizens successful and our community prosperous. An election costs our City approximately $5000.00. That may not seem like much money, but in this economy, we have to watch every penny. It doesn't bother me to have an election, with worthy candidates that have the best interest of our City at heart. The part that concerns me is that my opponent may, by law and otherwise, not actually be a viable candidate, and to have an election under these circumstances is both unnecessary and expensive.

I have been the Mayor of Crockett for six, two-year terms. Some may say that is too long, but in all honestly, it takes time to see change. We are on the verge of many exciting opportunities in Crockett. Some of these ventures and projects have been years in the planning and they are finally coming to fruitiion. That's not by accident. Good government is about having the right people with the right heart in the right places. I have worked tirelessly for this City, where I have lived continuously at 405 North 7th Street and worked continuously at Mask Chiropractic Clinic at 305 South 5th Street, for 22 years. Crockett is my home.

I truly love Crockett, Texas. I hope and pray you will consider this when it comes to time for you to vote on May 14.