Friday, June 25, 2010

Burger Friday

I stole that title from one of the food critics, Alison Cook, that writes for the Houston Chronicle, I hope she doesn't mind. I love burgers! From time to time, I'll review some of my favorite burgers in and around Crockett.

This week, my wife and I stopped by the Crockett Inn Motel and Restaurant for one of their cheeseburger plates. The Crockett Inn has been in Crockett for years, and has always been known as a great place to eat. They are located on SE Loop 304 next to the Crockett Civic Center/Porth Ag Arena complex.

After a glass and a half of iced tea, our burgers were finally delivered. What you see is what you get- a near 1/2 pound of beef, complete with all the 'fixins' as we say in East Texas. The veggies are always fresh, right down to the generous slices of tomato and onion. You know you got yourself a good burger when you have to finish eating it with a fork. The hand pressed patties are cooked to perfection, a big slice of American cheese blankets the meat, and everything settles up top nicely for a great burger experience. Man, am I full!

I wouldn't write home about the crinkle cut fries, they're not near as good as the steak fries they used to serve, but for a delicious, meaty, homemade tasting burger, the Crockett Inn Restaurant is the place to go. It's the perfect atmosphere for a quiet lunch for two or when you need a place to take the whole office. Just another reason why I Love Crockett, Texas!

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