Monday, August 23, 2010

Good Pizza, Good Folks

In case you haven't heard, NickelTown Pizza is back up and running! Jon and Jenni Wichers are at the helm of this popular Crockett pizza joint, and doing a great job. Stop in for lunch or call in an order and they will deliver hot, fresh, delicious pizza right to your door.

They have updated the menu with new pizza varieties, and have some of the old classics as well. One of our favorites is The Southwest Ranch. Many years ago, when we first moved to Crockett, we frequented the old NickelTown Pizza, at that time owned by John Kistner. Every time we ordered pizza, we would get a side order of Ranch dressing. One day Amanda or I (I think it was really me) told John that he needed to invent a pizza that had Ranch dressing for the sauce instead of the traditional pizza sauce. A few days later, he called and said he had something he wanted us to try. And the rest is history!

Stop by for some great food and fun. They have a lunch special, which includes a mini pizza, salad bar and drink. And for all you Facebook fans, check them out and look for their Facebook specials. Pizza, salad, grilled Panini sandwiches, you can't go wrong with NickelTown Pizza, 2000 Loop 304 in Crockett, 544-ATAC.

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  1. So cool!!!! Thank you Mayor/Dr Mask! Crockett is lucky to have you and the "First LAdy" Amanda! Love your family :) Thank you for the support! Jon & JEnni Wichers